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Please visit Hippocrates Way, Natural Health and Wellness, the center where my office is located. Other practitioners include Dr. Holly Hancock, N.D., a Naturopath offering natural remedies, lifestyle analysis, dietary and nutritional evaluation. Massage therapy is also available.

Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the school where I received my Masters Degree:

I am primarily a Kiiko Style acupuncturist; more information about Kiiko Style acupuncture can be found at:

To learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus all of the latest research, news and articles, see:

Other recommended Healers and Helpers:

Healing & Wholeness Center (Spiritual /Energy Healing)

Brain Gym

EXCEL Personal Training, Inc.

To locate a local holistic practitioner of any modality, please refer to:
Bowie/Crofton Area Holistic Community

Here are sites that promote general wellness, through alternative and integrative medicine. 
Dr. Andrew Weil’s General Health
Alternative Medicine Magazine