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Chinese Herbs

What's their function?

Chinese herbal formulas treat the pattern  of disharmony that the acupuncturist has diagnosed. This means that the  herbs treat the underlying imbalance that caused the condition to arise  in the first place. Herbal formulas work in a variety of ways. They  unblock the energy, remove toxins, nourish the body, and help to repair  the organs. The formulas are not meant to be taken for extended periods  of time, but for a treatment course of several weeks or months. During  this time, the formulas can be modified to accommodate the patient’s  changing needs. There are also specific formulas to treat conditions  such as the common cold or flu. Chinese herbs, if used properly, have no  side effects, and can be used in conjunction with prescription  medication. Chinese herbs produce a regulatory effect on the body that  is much gentler than pharmaceuticals.

Western drugs and Chinese herbs differ in that western drugs are designed to control specific  symptoms. Pharmaceuticals mask symptoms. If you stop taking a  medication, your symptoms still persist and may become worse due to a  rebound effect. Chinese herbs, like acupuncture, heal from the inside out, helping to reduce or eliminate your body’s need for medication.

In Julie’s practice, she creates individualized prescriptions of herbal tinctures  that treat the symptoms, constitution, and emotional state of each  patient. Julie also has a Chinese patent medicine pharmacy (pills), to meet  all my patient’s needs. 

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